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Which is healthier - Tonic Water or Soda Water?

Tonic Water aka tonic soda is a staple in the cocktail and mixer world. Similar to its carbonated 'water' counterpart, soda water, aka club soda. Both are a key part to many cocktails, but which is healthier in the battle between tonic water vs soda water?

Don't Get Confused

One thing that makes cocktail aficionados like us cringe is the belief that these two ‘waters’ are synonymous and can be substituted for each other. They couldn’t be more different, and their uses are pretty different too. The thing they have in common is that both are carbonated beverages and that’s where the similarity ends.

Which is Healthier?

Let’s answer the question on everyone's lips, which is healthier, tonic water vs soda water.

Tonic Water

Tonic water contains quinine and the fizz comes from the carbon dioxide used to carbonate water. The quinine has health-giving properties because quinine is both an analgesic and an anti-inflammatory. Quinine is also the reason for the bitter taste. 

Indian Tonic Water

Soda Water

Soda water, on the other hand, like most fizzy drinks, may contain unnatural or natural sugars and flavourings, but doesn’t have obvious health benefits. 

So Tonic Water wins? Hang on…

Many people find that carbonated drinks are more palatable, and that can encourage us to drink more fluids, which most of us need to do. Given that even mild under-hydration can lead to headaches and fatigue, anything that keeps us happily hydrated is a good idea. So healthier depends on where you start and what you’re looking for. 

Soda Water

Tonic Water Vs Soda Water as a Mixer?

It turns out that a gin and tonic is a genuine pick-me-up, even if you aren’t living in malarial zones. It’s equally true that if your love of soda water causes you to make your short drink into a long one, you’ll be benefiting your health too. On balance, tonic water is slightly healthier, because of that anti-inflammatory effect, so while neither pretends to be a healthy drink, we’d plump for the tonic water on health grounds. 

However, going back to our opening paragraph, the one thing we’re really clear about is that they have very different qualities when it comes to drinks. The mouth-watering bitterness that occurs naturally in quinine makes tonic water the perfect twin for gin. While soda water is the traditional mixer for mojitos. They both deliver #flavourfuldrinking but they shouldn’t be confused!

Which Ones Your Favourite?

Which one would you pick? Double Dutch Indian Tonic Water or our equally as tasty, but maybe less healthy Double Dutch Soda Water?