200ml and 500ml glass bottles and 150ml cans.
Well that one’s easy! Our founders Joyce and Raissa are Dutch twins with a passion for pairing flavours – hence Double Dutch and the world of flavourful mixers and tonics. Born in Holland, made in the UK and now enjoyed around the world. They believe no one should have to drink dull, flavourless, glass-half-empty drinks. Cheers!
We definitely think the bitterness of quinine has a time and a place. Because of this we only use quinine in our Indian Tonic Water, Skinny Tonic and Cranberry and Ginger tonic. All our other flavours are quinine free. You can read about each drink’s individual flavour profiles here.
Absolutely – we only use natural flavours, making our drinks great for sipping with spirits or savoured solo.
This is how we develop our flavour pairings. The idea is based upon the fact that ingredients combine well when they share key flavour components, the result is a series of delicious substantiated drinks/spirit enhancers.

Right here! Our webshop sells all our flavours as well as our classic Indian tonic. And we’ve got some pretty tasty gift treats too for the ones you love (or yourself – go on, you deserve a treat!).

Fancy good old fashioned bricks and mortar shopping? Try your local Waitrose. If you are out and about, you can find us in excellent bars and restaurants like Soho House, Dishoom and The Alchemist.

Everything! Or nothing! Or somewhere in the middle. If you’re looking for a little drinking inspiration why not check out our flavour wheel.

We absolutely love a G+T but we certainly don’t just pair with gin. Why not try our Pomegranate and Basil with tequila or vodka. Alternatively, use our Cranberry and Ginger with dark rum or cognac. Dive on in to flavourful drinking!

Yes! Please do! Our entire range is designed to be delicious sipped solo or mixed with your favourite spirit.


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Due to increased demand, we are experiencing longer delivery times. We aim to deliver your order within 7 days or your order. We fulfil all our orders via APC and you will receive tracking details once your order has been dispatched.
We deliver to everywhere in the UK but please allow an extra 24 hours for Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands.


Our boxes that your order arrives in are fully recyclable and our dividers inside the boxes are biodegradable and we encourage all of our flavour fans, customers and partners to recycle our products. The glass we use for our bottles is 3 times recycled and fully recyclable, as are our cans.
We’re on track to be carbon neutral as a business by 2022 by offsetting our carbon footprint through afforestation tree-planting. We are working with a partner in the UK who has the local knowledge necessary for true ecosystem restoration rather than merely planting trees. These projects follow the national certification protocols and guidelines, and provide long-term certainty that projects satisfy not only carbon sequestration but also biodiversity and increased resilience to a changing climate. It’s all still early days and we know we still have a long way to go but we’re making steps forward!
We’re passionate about doing business the right way – whether that’s only using responsibly sourced natural flavours or reducing our use of plastic. We now use 30% less plastic in our shrink wrap packaging and we’re looking at how we can reduce our plastic use further.


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