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Our Top 6 On the Beach Cocktails

As the days get longer and more humid, and the Summer holidays start to creep closer - we all start daydreaming about days relaxing on the beach.

But those days aren't that far away! And it's the best time of the year for soaking up the sun, going for a relaxing swim, and lazing about in the sand with a good book. Most importantly, a deliciously refreshing "on the beach" cocktail!

Whether it's the Italian-French Riviera or a day in Brighton there's a cocktail for it. These cocktails are even better when drinking flavourful Double Dutch mixers on the beach with the perfect spirits and garnishes! So we've compiled a list of our all-time holiday favourites for reclining on your sunbed as you overlook the ocean at your destination of choice. And if you aren't going on holiday this year? Then you can easily make these at home and relax in your own way!

So, what's up first?

Here is Our Top 6 On the Beach Cocktails

Mojito Cocktail

Originating from Havana, Cuba, this delicious cocktail has always had ties to hot weather, beautiful beaches, and relaxation. We use our Double Dutch Soda Water to elevate our Mojito to perfection and give it a real depth of flavour you won't find elsewhere.


Aperol Spritz Twist

Not just an Italian drink, but Venetian! And over 200 years old - cocktails don't get more summery than this! When Summer is in full swing this cocktail is on everyone's menu list. We think there's nothing quite so tasty as pairing it with our Double Dutch Pomegranate & Basil. The pomegranate and basil creates a mellow, fruity, and herbaceous ending taste note to our Aperol Spritz Twist.

Aperol Spritz Twist

Double Lemon Fizz

When life gives you lemons, make our Double Lemon Fizz! Lemons have always been an "early summer" fruit, full of tangy flavour and refreshing zing. This flavour is why we double up with our Double Lemon. For twice the flavour to get you energised and perky whilst you soak up the sun and relax on the beach.

Double Lemon Fizz

Triple Tokyo

Summer is all about trying new things, so let's move away from tradition and take a sip of something unique and exciting. Our delicious Triple Tokyo! Using Tequila (perfect for summer!) and our award-winning Indian Tonic Water alongside assorted garnish, syrup, and bitters. This cocktail is sure to win the friends and family over and raise your Summer spirits!

Triple Tokyo

Caribbean Punch

Fruity and spicy, it's time to drink like royalty - with our Caribbean Punch paired with Double Dutch Ginger Beer. Why royalty you ask? Well the original cocktail recipe is hundreds of years old and was mainly enjoyed by the rich. All that tropical flavour is perfect for wetting your palate on a hot day as you lay on the beach and take that well-earned break.

Caribbean Punch

The Forager

It's pretty, and more importantly, super tasty! Our Forager cocktail holds herbaceous notes of elderflower mixed with our classic and refreshing Cucumber & Watermelon tonic water. The delicate tang of lime for a finishing taste note creates a perfect summer cocktail. So, when you're with family or friends on the beach you'll no doubt have your camera at the ready for that perfect holiday shot with a Forager in hand.


Get Started on These 6 Beach Cocktails

That's seven cocktails that are the perfect balance between classic and innovative. So, if you're feeling a little flustered and wondering where to begin then our tip is to get stuck in! These recipes are super easy so you can't go wrong. Before you know it you'll be sipping away and relaxing with your cocktail on the beach.

For anymore tips and products, visit our recipes page and online store.