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Great profile and super versatile - I've used it with tequila, rum and gin very happily in each case!

I wanted to try something different with Naked Grouse (Blended Whisky) and was intrigued by the Cranberry and Ginger combo. It didn't disappoint!!

Tried this recently at a Gin tasting event with a London Dry Gin. Thoroughly enjoyed it and took the taste experience to another level.

Liked them all!

I really enjoyed trying all the flavours before having to buy a full case. The Pink Grapefruit and Pomegranate Basil one were family favourites. We'll definitely be back for more!

Amazing mixed box

Amazing mixed box of my 3 favourite flavours - now I can mix and match & have variety to my Friday G&Ts! Perfect selection!

The best soda water

How delicious can soda water be? Well, turns out, VERY. This is so crisp & satisfying. I love to drink it by itself or with vodka and a squeeze of lime.

Always in my fridge

I love this as a soft drink. So much flavour.

Perfect - almost guilt free

This is my favourite lower calorie tonic on the market - I've tried them all! I buy it by the case & mix with gin or vodka for the perfect 6pm treat!

Really refreshing!

It is by far the cleanest refreshing lemonade out there! I love that it is not too sweet either

Oh so delicious

I love this on it's own or with gin - it's so refreshing and FULL of flavour. Would recommend


I love this flavour, it's quite fruity but the bitter tonic flavour at the end really makes it delicious with Monkey 47!

So Spicy!

My favourite go to ginger beer!

Goes BEAUTIFULLY with whisky!

I thought I didn't like Ginger Ale, then I tasted this one on a night out and now I have to get it for my place!

Got a case for a picnic where I was responsible for the Pimm's pitcher and it was all the rage!

Top quality drink

Exactly like a lemon drink should taste in my opinion - not too sweet and super flavourful

Makes a great drink with spiced rum

Love having this one on its own, like a soda!

This with gin is like a cocktail in itself! Great idea if you're looking to mix it up a bit and have something tastier than a simple G&T

My go-to tonic for my G&Ts. Best tasting one out there in my opinion.

I never show up to a friend's house party without a box of these :)

My favourite!

Love drinking it with tequila, gin or vodka - works great!

One for all seasons

Had this with all types of spirits from Gin to Coconut Tequila!! Clean, refreshing. A winner

Very Nice!

Really nice low calorie lemonade option. My wife likes Gin and Lemonade but often finds them too sweet. This is the exception and a great alternative for people who don't want tonic.