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Five Top Tips for Throwing the Best Festive Party

With December fast approaching, the party season is finally upon us and there is no time like the present to start planning. It's time to bring out the sequinned party dresses, deck all of the halls, and double the festive feels as the Christmas parties commence.

So have a read below at our top five tips for throwing the best party this festive season that will impress and wow your family and friends!


1. Keep it simple with group serves

You don’t have to always go over the top in order to impress your friends. Keep it super simple and opt for group serves, such as a pitcher, and try sticking to just 3 or 4 quality ingredients that you know your guests will love. Then you can experiment with how you use these to create a drink that is tasty and fabulous - a delicious flavoured mixer is a great place to start!

Why not try our Pomegranate & Basil with Gin for a festive twist or keep it simple with our Cranberry & Ginger mixer – perfect sipped solo for that festive warmth.


2. Give classic cocktails a festive twist

Uplift classic cocktails and enrich them with a sprinkle of festive fun to create an unforgettable drink. We like to turn our party go-to, Paloma, into a Paloma Negra by adding a splash of coffee liquor, with a dash of tequila, and an orange slice to decorate.

Paloma Negra

You can also enhance classic cocktails by the mixer you choose to pair with the spirit. Try swapping the soda water in a Tom Collins, Mojito or an Aperol Spritz for a fruity mixer like our Cucumber & Watermelon instead.

Remember, you can outsource some of the work by asking friends to bring their own cocktail recipe and serve it to the group, giving everyone a chance to be a mixologist for the night!

3. Overhaul your home bar

Want to wow your guests with your very own bar? Invest in some fun glassware, think shapes as well as colours, with a selection including Martini Glasses, Champagne Flutes and Coupettes. Head to your local vintage shop or charity shop to hunt down those really quirky glasses, but don’t forget you can also create a stylish-looking cocktail by using a wine glass too.

The equipment you need will depend on how creative you plan to be with your cocktails, but no festive cocktail party should be without

  • A shaker/Boston tins
  • Hawthorne strainer
  • Bar spoon / stirrer
  • Jigger
  • A muddler
  • Speed pourers (to test your skills!)
  • Metal reusable straws
4. Be versatile

Make sure there is something for everyone to enjoy. Select a range of spirits and alcohol varieties, including no and low alcohol to satisfy the tastes of guests.

How about getting experimental with liqueurs? Try pairing Triple Sec with cucumber, chilli and lime soda for your party time Margarita or Kahlua for your pick me up Paloma Negra with Pink Grapefruit soda. Sounds delicious right? Find the recipe here...

Remember to cater to those who are the designated drivers and offer a refreshing mocktail such as the Double Dutch Winter Tonic mocktail which serves up Double Dutch’s Cranberry & Ginger with fresh apple juice and cranberries.

Winter Tonic

5. Pre-plan the festive playlist

No one likes the battle over the party playlist, so stop the squabbles by pre-planning the music - and make sure it’s on theme with classic festive songs from the likes of Mariah Carey.


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Double Dutch