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Double Dutch is Crowned Mixer Producer of the Year

In an industry that celebrates taste, innovation, and creativity, Double Dutch has once again set the gold standard. We're thrilled to announce that we've been awarded the prestigious title of 'Mixer Producer of the Year' at the International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC) - Club Oenologique 2023.

This recognition is a monumental achievement for our entire team and affirms our commitment to excellence in the mixer industry. 

Mixer producers

Triumph Over Competition

In a testament to our dedication to quality and innovation, we emerged victorious even against formidable competitors like Franklin & Sons. It's not just about crafting the best-tasting tonics; it's about setting benchmarks for the entire mixer industry. And when it comes to great taste, Double Dutch always steals the show. 

 Award winning flavours

Our Award-Winning Flavours

Our win at IWSC - Club Oenologique 2023 wasn't just about the prestigious Mixer Producer Trophy. We also celebrated individual success across our product range, with the IWSC panel - renowned for their rigorous blind tastings - awarding medals to four of our distinct flavours: 

Double Dutch Cucumber & Watermelon

Cucumber & Watermelon

Awarded a Gold medal and scoring an impressive 95 points, this mixer is a refreshing ode to summer with its "clear green notes of cucumber and bright watermelon." 

Double Dutch Cucumber & Watermelon

Double Dutch Indian Tonic Water

Indian Tonic Water

Our Indian Tonic Water, scoring a commendable 93 points, took home a Gold medal for its "harmonious and well-balanced" profile with "pleasing citrus flavour and attractive bitter notes." 

Double Dutch Indian Tonic Water

Double Dutch Ginger Beer

Ginger Beer

Spicy and bold, our Ginger Beer was awarded a Silver medal and 90 points, praised for its "big, bold ginger explosion" and "perfect combination of fiery and sweet." 

Double Dutch Ginger Beer

Double Dutch Pink Grapefruit Soda

Grapefruit Soda Water

This mixer secured a Silver medal and 88 points, impressing with its "dry nose of fresh grapefruit" and "clean and crisp" flavours. 

Double Dutch Pink Grapefruit Soda

Beyond the Medals

While the medals and accolades are a mark of our dedication, it's the story behind each flavour that truly sets us apart.Our founders Joyce and Raissa De Haas, founders of Double Dutch, identified a gap in the mixer market and sought to infuse it with vibrancy and innovation.

Their journey began by challenging the status quo and redefining mixer standards, and today, their passion reflects in every bottle of Double Dutch. Our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility also sets us apart. We are proud to be actively working towards achieving B Corp status.   

Here's to setting the gold standard in the mixer industry and to more exciting developments on the horizon. Cheers to Double Dutch - your undisputed champion in the world of mixers and tonics!