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Coolest Drinks to Order at a Bar - 2023

Whether you’re a cocktail novice, or looking for something that will really top up the flavour, we’ve got you covered. Some cocktails are perennial classics, while others deserve to be much better known. It would take a lifetime to try them all - and what better way to live? But for those who don’t have the luxury of dedicating themselves to cocktail exploration we’re here to help. 

Here is our 2023 rundown of what to order, the coolest drink names you should be asking for at the bar…

What To Order?

From classic cocktails to fruity mixed drinks, we’ve got the best drinks to be ordering this year.

Martini - why settle for less than the best?

You really can’t go wrong, whether you’re James Bond (shaken and not stirred), or one of the many variations: dry, dirty 50/50, smoky, reverse, pornstar or Cajun. There really is a Martini for everyone. The simplicity of a Martini isn’t a scene stealer, but like a great supporting actor, it backs up your best moves. 

Might be of interest - The history of the Martini

Negroni - for those who like to know where they stand

Sometimes you just want to be sure you’re going to get a great drink - and the Negroni is the drink for those times. This Italian cocktail is an equal mix of gin, vermouth rosso and Campari, finished with a twirl of orange peel. Because each Negroni element is already rich in blended botanicals, this is a drink that just keeps delivering new flavours with every sip.

Old Fashioned - flavour-forward drinking

A true classic, the Old Fashioned holds its place because it’s a real boozy delight. The blend of bourbon or rye, angostura bitters, soda water and a sprinkle of sugar is straightforwardly delicious. If you want to impress without the fuss, asking for an Old Fashioned tells everybody you know your stuff.

Mai Tai - tastes of summer and rooftop parties

This is one of those cocktails that deserves to be better known in the UK. A classic of the Tiki Bar culture in the USA, the Mai Tai is a stunning blend of rum, orange liqueur, fresh lime juice and orgeat - a syrup based on almonds and orange flower water. Think tropical beaches, full moons, Hawaiian guitars and you’ve got the Mai Tai, but be warned, this seductively sweet and complex drink is also sneakily powerful.

Mojito - a great place to start 

Not sure about cocktails? Start with a mojito! It’s fizzy and minty, citrus rich and slightly sweet, with a rum base that gives the whole thing an underlying warmth. With many variations on the recipe, every bar has the right ingredients for this easy to drink cocktail that’s all flavour, all fun, no fuss.

View our Mojito Recipe here.

Cosmopolitan - are you ready to party?

Does what it says on the tin. This is a cocktail for grown-ups in looks, taste and style. Combining vodka, Triple Sec, cranberry juice and lime juice, it’s a sour-sweet super-sipper that famously featured in Sex And The City and gives you an air of sophistication when you order. All you need to do is live up to it!

Moscow Mule - your very own ice palace

Simple. Strong. Sensational. A vodka based cocktail, mixed with ginger beer, lime juice, and fresh mint leaves and often served in a copper mug to keep it icy for longer, this is a drink for those who know what they like and don’t have a problem asking for it. 

The Double Dutch Kyiv Mule is a snappy twist on the traditional taste and shows support for Ukraine!

Spritz - refreshment in a glass

A spritz tends to be a wine-based cocktail combining a tart liqueur like Aperol or Campari with soda water and served with a wedge of orange. The spritz has unlimited variations, although the best of the best are long, cool and invigorating. Double Dutch has its own lychee spritz - a reinvention of the Venetian-based original that will thrill your palate.

Do You Know Any More Cool Drinks?

What do you think of our coolest drinks to order at the bar in 2023? If you have any more drinks you think should be added to this list let us know. For ingredients and premium mixers view our drinks page.