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Best Cocktails for a House Party

Hosting a house party is a summer necessity and of course you’ve got to take your host duties seriously. But, at Double Dutch we want you to be able to celebrate every minute too as well as be the perfect host. We make it easy to party by sharing four cocktail recipes, plus one non-alcoholic one.

These cocktails are to keep your party kicking while you get to kick back and enjoy!

Mojito Jug Recipe

mojito jug recipe

Everybody loves a mojito. The four ingredients make a magical combination. The citrus notes, the herbiness of the mint and the sweetness of the simple syrup are the perfect support act for white rum.

Only one thing could improve the mojito - making it easier to produce! We’ve scaled up the recipe so you can make it in a big jug that holds six serves. Keeping your guests happy without spending hours slaving over a cocktail shaker.

Ingredients for our Mojito jug recipe

To scale up this cocktail you'll need the following ingredients:

Recipe method

Follow these steps to make a perfect Mojito jug for a group of 6 people in minutes:

  1. Cut each lime into six wedges and drop them into a two litre jug.
  2. Add the sugar syrup and crush the lime wedges with a muddler until they give up their juices.
  3. Bruise the mint leaves - you can do this easily with the single roll of a rolling pin - and put them in the jug.
  4. Add enough ice to fill the jug to about two-thirds full.
  5. Then pour in the rum and stir gently before topping up with sparkling water.
  6. Pour and enjoy!

Just like that you've started your summer party with a classic cocktail.

Pomerol Spritzer 

Pomerol Spritzer  recipe for a party

There’s one key difference to a Pomerol spritzer that we need to make clear to you. A classic white wine version of the spritzer requires you to chill the wine, we’re going to break convention. We'll be doing this In the best way possible and tell you not to chill your Aperol. Keep it at room temperature so you don't deaden the rich aromatics when you blend it with the chilly blast of the mixer. 

What makes a spritzer a great house party cocktail is that it’s so easy to make, with just two ingredients. The trick here is to make sure that your Double Dutch Pomegranate & Basil is really cold, and to be generous with the ice. This way you keep that frosty sensation going, right to the bottom of the glass.

Ingredients for our party Pomerol Spritzer recipe

To get the party started on a hot summers days you'll need the following:

Method for a Pomerol Spritzer

The process for making a Pomerol Spritzer couldn't be simpler! Following the steps below you'll quickly have a great party drink:

  1. Fill six large wine glasses with ice and pour the Aperol over.
  2. Top with ice Double Dutch Pomegranate & Basil.
  3. Garnish with basil and an orange slice and serve.

This drink is easy to make and creates an impact whenever it's brought out.

Caribbean Punch recipe

Caribbean Punch recipe

Nothing says house party like the house punch! We’ve got you covered with a great punch that you can scale up, no matter how big your punchbowl. Passion Fruit liqueur is key to making this punch punchier. Pairing with Double Dutch Ginger Beer, ensures you're packing a lot of flavour in your punch.

This recipe can easily serve a dozen guests generously.

Ingredients for our Caribbean Punch recipe

To create your party punchbowl you'll need the following ingredients;

  • 600ml spiced rum
  • 180ml passion fruit liqueur
  • 180ml lime juice
  • 120ml elderflower liqueur
  • 3 pink grapefruit
  • 8 bottles Double Dutch Ginger Beer


The process is for making our Caribbean Punch bowl can take a little while, so be sure to pre-prepare:

  1. Pick your bowl and chill it for a couple of hours.
  2. Juice your grapefruit and chill the juice too.
  3. Pour your rum, passion fruit liqueur, lime juice, elderflower liqueur and the grapefruit juice into the bowl.
  4. Stir well.
  5. Add some ice, but not too much, you don’t want to dilute your punch too much while it stands waiting.
  6. Top with chilled Double Dutch Ginger Beer.
  7. Serve into iced glasses.

With a little bit of work before your party, you'll have drinks sorted for the whole day or night.

Need some a guide to making the perfect party playlist? These tips might be perfect for you.

Salty Dog cocktail recipe

The Salty Dog is a mighty easy cocktail to mix in a jug, so it’s a great one to offer your house party guests. The element that makes this cocktail special is the salt rim to the glass. Don’t neglect it because it’s the finishing touch that gives a flourish to the whole drink. This recipe serves six, but we’ll describe how to scale it up or down too. 

As we said, it’s a proportional cocktail, so making it couldn’t be easier. The only preparation you need to do is get six large wine glasses. Then run a slice of grapefruit around the top before dipping them in sea salt.

Ingredients for our Salty Dog cocktail

You'll need the following ingredients to make a Salty Dog cocktail:

How to make a Salty Dog cocktail

  1. Pour the Double Dutch Pink Grapefruit Soda into a 2 litre jug.
  2. Top it up until the ice reaches to the 1.3 litre mark
  3. Then top up with the gin.
  4. Pour into the glasses that you’ve rimmed with salt.

Essentially this cocktail is a 2:1 mix of grapefruit juice and gin. So filling any size of jug to two-thirds with grapefruit and ice means you simply need to top off with gin to get the perfect serve. 

Saintly Sisters cocktail recipe

Saintly Sisters cocktail recipe

Want an alcohol-free cocktail that’s just as sophisticated and cool as your guests? We’ve got the answer.

Our Saintly Sisters cocktail recipe uses elderflower liqueur or simply with elderflower syrup. It creates a delicious cocktail that is precisely as saintly as you want it to be!

Ingredients for our alcohol-free party cocktail

You'll only need four ingredients to make this delicious heavenly sent cocktail:

How to make a Saintly Sister

The process for making a Saintly Sister is just as simple as its ingredients:

  1. Fill a tall glass with ice and pour your elderflower liqueur or syrup over.
  2. Top with Double Dutch Cucumber & Watermelon. 
  3. Garnish with a sprig of fresh mint and a cucumber ribbon. 
  4. Sláinte!

What cocktails will you be making at your next party?

These are our top party cocktails, they're easy to make, you can make them in bulk and you can size them up. These versatile drinks will be sure to impress your guests whilst still allowing you to party on.

What will you be making at your next house party?