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We’re on a mission to do business the right way!

We are THRILLED to announce our partnership with ODDBOX.

We’ve partnered with ODDBOX to rescue short-dated-but-still-delicious bottles of mixers and tonics from being destroyed. You can now find these products in the Oddshop section of their website.

By opting for these short-dated-but-still-delicious tonics & mixers, you’re not only contributing to reducing waste, but you’ll also receive a tasty 20% discount off RRP.

ODDBOX are on a mission to fight food waste by delivering boxes full of odd fruit & veg right to your door, across the UK and we’re thrilled to be working alongside them on this mission.

How we’re reducing our impact on the world:

We are fully committed to achieving high standards of social and environmental performance by becoming a certified B Corporation. Our application is in submission, and we are awaiting our B impact assessment review. Once certified, we will join a global movement of ambitious and likeminded companies working towards a more inclusive, regenerative and equitable economy.

In January 2022, we proudly became a carbon neutral company! Working with the regulatory body at ClimatePartner to officially offset our emissions to ensure Carbon neutrality. We've offset 87,523kg of CO2 by supporting afforestation projects (woodland creation) across the UK & internationally.

ODDBOX isn’t the first initiative we’ve implemented to reduce waste. We’ve always been on a mission to minimise our waste. Here are some of the specific goals we’ve sat as a business:

  • We partner with the platform Too Good To Go as we are passionate believers that best before dates do not justify waste – this enables short dated stock to find a home instead of being wasted.
  • Develop waste management strategies and favour suppliers who actively
    strive for carbon neutral status.
  • Encourage employees to promote and establish recycling schemes that
    are relevant to their individual activities.
  • Encourage the use of recycled/reclaimed materials; materials form
    sustainable sources and those that are suitable for disposal by recycling.