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The Double Dutch Trailblazers

We love International Women’s Day - a chance to bring the party for all the best reasons: pioneering females, fearless flavours and outstanding hospitality! The hard work isn’t over - equality isn’t won - but we want to seize the chance to celebrate, support and shine the light on women who inspire us and drive us on to achieve more. The women on this list are spurring the drinks industry forward, one sip at a time.

Trailblazing, it’s what we do - and we’re here to celebrate International Women’s Day with our Double Dutch Trailblazers. Know a woman who should be on our list? Tell us @doubledutchdrinks #DoubleDutchTrailblazers

Who run the world?!

On International Women’s Day we’re all about celebrating the game changers, convention defiers and trailblazers who make a path for the rest of us.

Of course, we want to have fun too - and that’s why our list is full of taste-creators, fun instigators and idea generators. These are the women who’ve not just shaken the world, they’ve stirred it, poured it out and popped a cocktail cherry on the top! A glance at our list will inspire and excite you as well as filling you with a zest for life lived to the full. So take a look at the best of the best and raise a glass to their achievements!

Double Dutch Trailblazers

Win with International Women’s Day

Do you know a trailblazer - want to highlight their amazing success and win an IWD cocktail kit? We’re making it easy to toast outstanding women. Just head over to Instagram and give them some instafame by tagging them #DoubleDutchTrailblazers in the comments.

What we're drinking for IWD…

IWD is a reason to celebrate, and we never need an excuse to party, so we’ve collaborated with a number of outstanding female-led brands in the drinks world. Together we’ve created a collection of cocktails that mark this year’s International Women’s Day but are flavourful enough to drink every day - because isn’t every day women’s day?

Cocktail Recommendations

For the trendsetters

The Double Dutch Trailblazers - trendsetters


Absolute refreshment in a glass, our trendsetter combines the exhilarating flavour of pink grapefruit with the coolness of gin to create a great new classic cocktail.

  • 50ml 58 Gin
  • DD Pink Grapefruit Soda
  • Slice of grapefruit
  • Sprig of rosemary

For the sober curious

For the sober curious

Sober is no longer boring with Caleño, and combining this rich botanical with our intensely flavoured Ginger Ale gives a taste that will satisfy even the most curious!

  • 50ml Caleño Dark & Spicy
  • DD Ginger Ale
  • Wedge of lime

For the joyful

For the joyful

IWD is a celebration, right? So for those whose glasses are always raised in a toast, we’ve created a cocktail that’s guaranteed to make you smile.

  • 50ml Bloom London Dry Gin
  • DD Cucumber & Watermelon
  • Sliced strawberry
  • Lemon wheel

For the life & soul

For the life & soul

We get the party started, and our Life and Soul cocktail is perfect for that party vibe, with rich tropical flavours that make everybody want to dance!

  • 50ml Diablesse Coconut and Hibiscus Rum
  • DD Pomegranate & Basil
  • Sprig of basil

For the stylish

For the stylish

A cocktail that looks great, tastes fantastic and is good for the planet? Look no further … our stylish mix deserves its own permanent spotlight.

  • 50ml Avallen (in its stylish paper bottle that has less than a fifth of the CO2 emissions of a traditional glass one)
  • DD Indian Tonic
  • Slice of apple