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With the warmer weather creeping in we’re getting excited to be spending more time outside making flavourful cocktails in the garden.

So while we all make the most of the sun before the unpredictable UK weather sets in, it’s time to break out our easy and fun springtime cocktails for making at home.

Whether you're sipping on our Cucumber & Watermelon mixer for a refreshing and easy to make cocktail or spicing things up with our Margarita Soda Water. We’ve got so many ideas for easy and fun cocktails you can make at home.

We’ve started off with a favourite of ours – Gin! Having grown up in the Netherlands, the birthplace of gin we’ve been surrounded by many great tasting Gins and love how it can mix into a cocktail.

So why not try one of our gin delights to kick off your spring cocktails at home. Or if you’d prefer tequila or even vodka have a read below as we’ve got some flavourful favourites we know you’ll love.

Easy Cocktail Recipes For Summer

Spring Fizz

The added freshness from frozen watermelon makes this cocktail the perfect addition to your Spring cocktail menu. Super simple with only a few ingredients this easy to make cocktail is perfect for sitting out in the sun chatting away to your friends. All you need to start things off is a baby watermelon, fresh thyme, Gin and our Cucumber & Watermelon mixer.

Spring Fizz Cocktail

How to Make Spring Fizz

Take your watermelon and scoop the inside into balls. Place these in the freezer to use as your ice cubes. Once your watermelon has frozen, pour 50ml Gin into a rocks glass and top with our Cucumber & Watermelon mixer. Add in your frozen watermelon balls and stir this to combine. Garnish with fresh thyme before serving.


She's quite a looker, and just as delicious. And it's no surprise given the West End showbiz background she comes from. The Floradora has been around for around 200 years and it doesn't show signs of losing popularity any time soon! Our Floradora packs quite the punch using our Ginger Ale alongside a Dry Gin, crushed raspberries and a dash of lime to taste.

Floradora Cocktail

How to Make a Tasty Floradora

Pour 60ml of London Dry Gin, 30ml of lime juice and 15ml of raspberry syrup into a shaker. Add ice and shake well until it's combined and well chilled.

Using a strainer, pour the delicious mixture into a highball glass with fresh ice. Add some Double Dutch Ginger Beer, or our Ginger ale and stir until it's combined. Add some skewered raspberries for a touch of class.

Rum Pom Pom

This cocktail is as delicious as it sounds! Garnished with fresh raspberries and topped with our Pomegranate & Basil mixer for that fresh Mediterranean flavour, this will quickly become a staple in your home drinking repertoire.

So grab your white rum and head on over to our shop to get the main ingredient so you can recreate this tasty tipple at home.

Rum Cocktail

Make a Rum Pom Pom

You’ll need 50ml of White Rum, Raspberries and of course Double Dutch Pomegranate & Basil mixer. Once you have this, fill your glass with ice, pour the rum over ice. Top with Double Dutch Pomegranate & Basil and stir carefully until evenly mixed. Garnish with raspberries on a skewer. There you have it, a delicious Rum Pom Pom

Dutch Mojito

The tang of lime and the cooling refreshing taste of cucumber whirls together perfectly with our Dutch Mojito. All you need is White Rum, lime and mint, and of course, our Double Dutch Cucumber & Watermelon.


Making a Dutch Mojito

For this fabulous drink simply base a glass with 3 lime wedges, 8 mint leaves and a teaspoon of brown sugar. Add ice and pour over 45ml of white rum and 30ml of syrup. Use Double Dutch Cucumber & watermelon and finish with a garnishing of mint.

Lemon Nights

Is there anything better than Vodka and Lemon? We don't think so either. Which is why you can't go wrong with Lemon Nights, as it uses our Double Lemon giving it twice the flavour. It's refreshing and light. Perfectly paired with your lunch in the sunshine.

Lemon Cocktail

Making a Lemon Nights

You’ll need 50ml of Vodka, 25ml of limoncello and Lemon juice. You’ll also need Double Dutch Double Lemon for a super delicious cocktail.

Once you have this, pour 50ml Vodka and 25ml limoncello and squeeze a lemon into a shaker with plenty of ice. Shake the shaker until cool on the outside, then everything is nicely chilled. Pour the mixture into a glass over plenty of ice and top with Double Dutch Double Lemon

Lazy Devil

Tequila is perfect for any season - but with the right ingredients it works wonders in Spring! So with a dash of chambord, cherries andour Cranberry & Ginger mixer there's no way this luxurious little cocktail can go wrong. It's rich and delicious with sour notes, and the Lazy Devil is perfect for Instagramming those evenings in the back garden with friends.

Lazy Devil

Making a Lazy Devil

You’ll need the following to make an amazing Lazy Devil, 20ml of tequila, 30ml of chambord and 3 raspberries. To make it even more special, add Double Dutch Cranberry & Ginger Tonic Water.

Then place a handful of ice into a rocks glass, pour 30ml Tequila over the ice. Top with Double Dutch Cranberry & Ginger Tonic and then add 30ml Chambord slowly so that it floats and garnish with three raspberries

The Dutchess

If the Floradora isn't for you or you're trying to be a bit more conscious about your calories, then give The Dutchess a go. It's a fairly recent cocktail recipe inspired by Amsterdam too and it's really easy and fun for making at home! With a Dry Gin and our low-calorie Skinny Tonic Water you can join in on the drinking fun without any of the guilt! And the mild taste notes of Juniper are perfect for warm evenings where a cooler note is appreciated.

The Dutchess

Making the Dutchess

Use 35ml of Gin and a rosemary stalk with Double Dutch Skinny Tonic Water. Pour the gin over ice in a highball glass and top with the skinny tonic water. Finish with the spring of rosemary and juniper berries for garnish.

So are you feeling ready for spring? We certainly are! With these easy and fun recipes for making at home with family and friends, we hope your drinks are never dull. For more ideas and flavours visit our recipes page and our online store.