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Our Top Favourite Flavoured Tonics

Back in the day, there was one kind of tonic and it went with gin. What a boring time that must have been! Today, flavoured tonic is part of our drinking life - paired with spirits to make extraordinarily good drinks, or drunk solo to enliven our palates with no booze involved. For us, diversity and unexpected flavour combinations are key to creating delicious flavoured tonics that double your expectations one glass at a time!

Our Guidelines for Flavoured Tonics

There are no rules when it comes to flavoured tonic - but there are some pretty good guidelines: any drink should offer excitement followed by satisfaction and should have a distinct personality that works just as well drunk alone as mixed. In other words, a good drink is like a great relationship!

Our Love & Fascination With Tonic Waters

As the ‘tonic twins’ it’s obvious that our fascination with flavoured tonics is deep and long-lasting, but we’ve found that our passion is shared by many of you - we’re all wowed by amazing taste sensations and want to be delighted by new flavours. So while we think that picking ‘our favourite’ flavoured tonics would be invidious, we’d like to introduce you to three of our flavours in a little more depth, and explore why they are so popular.

So here are three of our favourite flavoured tonics, each one designed to delight in a very different way:

Our Three Favourite Flavoured Tonic Explained

Cucumber & Watermelon Tonic

The absolute taste of summer. We brought together the coolness of cucumber and the succulence of watermelon in a single, sophisticated drink. We were very aware that a summer mixer should be light and lively, but we also wanted it to be satisfying.

Cucumber & Watermelon Mixer

How Have We Made it so Satisfying?

Because we’ve carefully balanced the sweetness of watermelon with the refreshing smoothness of cucumber, this is a light-flavoured tonic but it’s no lightweight! Instead these flavours combine to satisfy the taste buds and invigorate summer drinks like gin cocktails and anything made with light rum or white wine.

View our Cucumber & Watermelon Tonic Water

Cranberry & Ginger Tonic

When we wanted to create something truly adult, we thought of ginger first of all, because it’s the seduction spice. Then we had to get experimental - we wanted a drink that was exciting and warm without being cloying, and to achieve our goal we explored every flavour and taste sensation we knew. In the end we needed two distinctive tastes to balance ginger’s depth; quinine to bring a bright, astringent top note and cranberry for its vibrancy.

Cranberry & Ginger Tonic

What To Expect From Cranberry & Ginger

Together they lift ginger’s warm woodiness without inhibiting the complexity of its flavours. We knew from the beginning that it would be delicious with rum, but the extra dimension it brings to cognac is truly outstanding.

View our Cranberry & Ginger Tonic

Pomegranate & Basil Tonic

A mythic creation with a true heart. When we describe this mixer as being like a Greek cruise in a bottle, we’re really not exaggerating. Pomegranate is an epic Mediterranean fruit, full of ancient connotations of fertility and power - and it has an amazing flavour. When we decided to blend it with basil, another Mediterranean staple, we discovered that these two were meant to be together.

Pomegranate & Basil Mixer

Why This Combination?

One of the true pleasures of this flavoured tonic is its aroma, it’s herby and sweet and just inhaling it can remind you of sun-drenched hours on white sandy beaches. Because it has a ripe fruit bottom note, this mixer makes any gin sexier but also pairs beautifully with mezcal and vermouth.

View our Pomegranate & Basil Tonic