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Inspiring Journeys: Double Dutch’s Female Bartending Scholarship

Our Scholarship 

The Double Dutch Scholarship is  a 3-month programme, designed to nurture young inspiring talent in the bartending industry.  

Together, our 10 hand picked scholars, representing a range of vibrant venues like New World Trading, Soho House, and Sexy Fish, amongst others, have explored a rich and varied curriculum that dives into the amazing depths of bartending and beyond!

Our blend of virtual and in-person sessions provides a welcoming and adaptable learning environment, all under the guidance of some truly inspirational figures from the drinks industry. 

Program Curriculum and Execution 

Through an eclectic mix of topics—ranging from wellness and social media , to the intricate art of creating signature serves and mastering the science of flavour—our scholarship stirred together industry knowledge with a splash of personal development, crafting a cocktail of holistic learning! Engaging through 3 lively face-to-face sessions at iconic London venues Club Soda, 58 Gin Distillery, and Haymans Distillery, and numerous virtual sessions via Zoom, our scholars learned and laughed a lot! 

Scholars' Profiles 

Here's a glimpse at the inspiring scholars: 

1. Alice Cable (Fife Arms) 


A 19-year-old nature enthusiast from Newcastle, Alice, with 7 months' experience at Elsa’s Cocktail Bar,  seeks to refine her bartending skills and grasp new opportunities amidst the scenic beauty of Braemar. 

2. Elena Bulatovskaja (Sexy Fish) 


All the way from Moscow and finding her bartending passion upon moving from NYC to London, Elena aimed to harness the scholarship to amplify her skills and empowerment while contributing to Sexy Fish London. 

3. Clea Iqbal (Leafy Elephant) 

Cléa Iqbal

Clea, with her rich French, Pakistani, and English heritage, merges performance art with bartending, aspiring to elevate unique drinking experiences while honing her palate. 

4. Madison Moore (Rockwater) 


Madison, a 22-year-old marketing, management, and psychology graduate from Hove, leads the bar at Rockwater with a fervor for deepening her industry know-how and connections. 

5. Megan Jenson (New World Trading Co) 


Head Bartender Megan, stationed at Smugglers Cove, Liverpool, and a rum connoisseur with cocktail competition victories, aims to elevate female representation in the bartending sphere. 

6. Emma Mitchell (The Metropolitan) 


San Francisco native Emma is on a UK journey to broaden her bartending expertise, concentrating on unraveling the complexities of mixology and flavour pairing. 

7. Buky Adegbulugbe (Sip Geek) 


Buky, integrating her Nigerian heritage and a commitment to sobriety, aspires to broaden her industry knowledge and enhance her visibility within the sphere. 

8. Morgan Hughes (Margoux) 


Boasting six years in the industry, head bartender Morgan, deeply passionate about cocktail creation and customer experiences, seeks to bolster his spirit knowledge and confidence. 

9. Lili Johnston (Harts Group) 


Lili, initiating her hospitality career in Australia, is keen to immerse herself in London's network and absorb insights from seasoned industry professionals. 

10. Rachel Marchesan (Soho House) 


Rachel, a 21-year-old Italian who balances roles as a singer, rugby player, and Soho House employee, yearns to infuse greater creativity into her bartending and expand her industry understanding. 

Graduation Day Highlights: 18th September 

The "Graduation Session," was hosted at Haymans Distillery, encapsulating an number of knowledge-sharing sessions, individual presentations, and a celebratory wrap-up.  

The day began with an introduction from Alexa from Hayman’s, followed by a tour of the gin distillery, where the history and ingredients of gin, were the focus. The scholars tasted different gins, including Old Tom, London Dry, and Sloe gin.  

The delicious lunch provided by the Social Pantry fueled the scholars for the Beyond Bartending course, where the scholars displayed their creativity, conceiving a new brand idea and presenting back to the group.  

The creative minds of the scholars were further tested when they shaked, stirred and presented their learning from the programme. The variety and innovation of the concoctions were incredible!  

Our twin founders, Joyce and Raissa, presented the scholars with certificates and gifts in recognition of their hard work over the 3-month course.   

The day concluded with a joyous celebration at No. 32 The Old Town in Clapham, marking another successful scholarship.  

Graduates left with more than just bartending knowledge. They finished the scholarship with a bigger network, incredible experiences, and an enhanced understanding of the exciting world of bartending!!