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We know a bit about perfect pairings and given its February, and the month of love, we want to help you toast the one you love when you eventually get to have your special day.

Our Gift to A Perfect Pair

Every week in February we will award one fabulous couple enough Double Dutch and Warners Gin and Masons of Yorkshire Gin to make 200 perfectly paired cocktails at your wedding reception!

Our Gift to A Perfect Pair

To enter simply follow the link below and give us a follow on social media!

To celebrate this gift, we thought we’d produce a list of some of our favourite drink pairings.

Our Top 5 Food and Drink Pairings

Red Wine and Steaks

Any good food lover already knows about the combination that was made in heaven: red wine and steaks (or any other red meat). A red such as Merlot or Malbec produces strong, bold aromas and goes with food that has a strong flavour. Red meats such as lamb, steak or even a good joint of beef pair very well with this style of red.

Why Do They Work So Well Together?

One of the main reasons they pair so well together is that red wine tends to be high in tannins. Tannins by themselves can feel dry, but when complemented with the rich fattiness that is found in red meat, they create a tasty combination.

Champagne and Sushi

Champagne and sushi, particularly champagne cocktails with sushi, could possibly be the perfect match. The dry flavour offers a canvas for you to fully explore the flavours of the fish. The champagne almost cleanses the palate, so it does not compete with the sweetness of most sushi dishes.

Why Do They Work So Well?

One of the possible options for working so well together is that the Extra Brut and Nature champagnes have low or no sugar. This allows the full expression of the briny aromas and textures of the raw fish to come out.

Margarita and Tacos

Margarita and tacos are the perfect night out combination. The tequila and the taco toppings, especially on a Tuesday (Taco Tuesday), work brilliantly together for veggies and meat eaters alike.

Why Do They Work So Well Together?

Tacos are often a bit messy, but the tequila in the margaritas offers a strong body and flavour that cleans up the meal. You can mix up your tacos as much as you want but adding a clean tequila margarita tidies up the combo. And… they’re both Mexican, so you can’t really have one without the other.

Negroni and Cheese

The classic Negroni cocktail provides a cherry, wine and citrus flavour with a noticeable bitterness. Pairing this with blue cheese is a uniquely beautiful combination.

Why Do They Work So Well Together?

The bitterness from the Negroni is soaked up by the bold flavours of the cheese, which is why a strong blue cheese works so well.

Mezcal and Chocolate

Mezcal on its own is delicious, but pairing Mezcal with chocolate offers a sweet and savoury flavour and is a must-try. Mezcal, with almost any chocolate such as milk chocolate, truffles, panela or dark chocolate, is a match made in heaven.

Why Do They Work So Well?

​​As well as the fact they can both be traced to Mexico, they also both offer deep flavours.

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