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Biggest TikTok Cocktail Trends

Whether you’re a fervent TikTokker or loathe the platform, we’ve got to say that #drinktok is a rabbit-hole. A rabbit-hole that we can’t help diving down! It’s not just the chance to discover new drinks, although we’re forever on the hunt for a great cocktail. Watching a cocktail being mixed shows us a lot about the drink, even before we taste it.

Positive side of TikTok

TikTok’s had a pretty complicated relationship with alcohol tbh. On the good side, it introduced the world to the unassuming but now adored Hugo Spritz. This simple cocktail launched on TikTok in 2022 and has quietly earned its place on cocktail menus the world over. TikTok also started the Parmesan Espresso Martini debate, which you either love or hate, but must try at least once in your life!

Negative side of TikTok

On the flip side, Well, #borg went viral on TikTok. Borg stands for blackout rage gallon, which probably tells you everything you need to know. It was all about students buying a gallon water jug. Then emptying out enough water to pour in a bottle of vodka and then adding some kind of powdered drink mix or electrolytes.

Worst idea ever. Sadly, with more than 82 million views on TikTok, the #borg turned out to be a viral success - let’s hope that nasty trend has passed.

On this page we’re looking at some of the better TikTok trends we’ve seen so far in 2024. Everything from Pina Colada Floats to cocktail champions like Kaitlyn Stewart. Let’s scroll through the latest TikTok crazes.

TikTok trends in 2024


So what’s trending this year?

We’re still in the height of TikTok floats. Pina Colada floats, Prosecco sorbet floats, Malibu Sprite floats, Cupid floats, Limoncello floats and the list keeps going. Basically there’s hardly a mixed drink that #drinktok can’t try to make into a float.

Best cocktail floats

We’d recommend giving the Prosecco sorbet floats a try because they’re super fun for a picnic or garden party. We have a non alcohol alternative too - why not try raspberry sorbet. Make it with our Double Dutch Double Lemon soda for a mocktail that’s just as tasty as the alcoholic version.

What else is worth trying?

There’s nothing nicer than a great dinner party cocktail and the Tiramisu float is simple but fabulous. It's the perfect combination between a coffee liqueur and dessert - it ticked all our boxes!

Ice ice baby

Ice ice baby

Ice has been trending for over six months and there’s no sign that our obsession is waning. There’s a trend, claiming that bartenders are ‘ripping us off’ with big chunks of ice in our drinks. We’re not here to debunk debunkers but the whole history of cocktail making depends on two things:

  • Beautifully chilled drinks
  • Elegantly prepared serves that taste the same from beginning to end

The reason for both of these is that large ice actually melts less quickly, so it doesn’t dilute the mix.

We love ice

Big rocks of ice in your drink aren’t ‘using up space in your glass’ that you’ve paid for, they’re part of the perfection of your cocktail. However, TikTok has some great ideas on ‘good’ ice; how to make it clear, how to make it fresh and how to make it last.

The trending Margarita. There’s a thousand Margaritas on TikTok. Why? Because it’s the easiest drink to riff with.

Easy to make, hard to improve

On the other hand, it’s a tough drink to improve on. New Margaritas are always trending but from the mountain of variations let’s pull one perfect alternative.

Tangerine Margarita

The Tangerine Margarita, What makes this one so perfect? One thing doesn’t, which is the slightly dodgy garnish - who wants to handle sticky tangerine zest on an evening out? That aside, this cocktail variation has the perfect blend of citrus and spirit to give it real depth. But, it’s also simple enough to be something you can try at home without having a bartender qualification.


Slushies are trending too. Most of them are just ways to make alcohol taste less like alcohol (we’re back in #borg territory). Why not have alcohol taste as good as it can, and drink it in sensible amounts?

Cocktail slushie recipes

Anyway, of all the weird slushie recipes out there, we’ve plumped for the Frozen Aperol Spritz. This combines simplicity in the make with a perfect set of ingredients to deliver a really exciting drink.

Why we all love drinks on TikTok

Why we all love drinks on TikTok

One of the biggest reasons why is because of our age. There's a whole generation (Gen Z) that's grown up with TikTok. Now they are old enough to drink. And where do you think they are getting their inspo from? Yup, tiktok

Sharing our cocktail hacks

We’re the adventurous but cash conscious generation that wants to enjoy life without wasting time or money. We’ve got through our early phase of drinking and we’re ready to share our cocktail creating and drink hacks with the world. We know how to have fun and TikTok’s ‘straight to the point’ philosophy works for us!

Cocktail trends from the world’s biggest mixologists

Global cocktail champions like Kaitlyn Stewart share their recipes and tips on the platform. It’s like having a masterclass in mixed drinks at your fingertips.

Develop skills and knowledge

It’s a chance to develop skills and knowledge without having to put pressure on yourself to learn. Instead, we’re shaking and straining with the world’s best … and making our mistakes in private, so we can shine in public. The best trends on TikTok are the ones that improve our own game, wherever we’re at in our cocktail journey.

What will the next TikTok cocktail trend be?

Trending drinks can be superb, silly or downright stupid. But, we’re here to celebrate the worldwide desire to share our best mixes and celebrate our favourite serves. We’ll drink to that!