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We're so excited to announce the participants in our 2024 Female Bartending Scholarship. These women will be taking part in our holistic mentoring scheme which embraces a diverse array of topics.

For 2024, we will be introducing 4 modules focusing on; drinks education, personal growth, professional development and live experiences. This scholarship is designed to address all the necessary elements for success, ensuring that you have everything you need to achieve start-quality results. 

Ludmila Michalikova

''Knowledge is empowering, more I am learning about drinks industry, more passionate I feel about it. I have always enjoyed watching bartenders work and now I am becoming one. There is this wonderful, refreshing feeling in me of new challenges and developing my self.''

Luana Correa

''I want to grow not only professionally but personally. I also want to make the change in how being a bartender is a man's job, when we as women can do just as a good job as men. I strongly believe it will help me develop my interpersonal skills and grow within the industry.''

Lydia Graham

''Bartending feels like an Everest to climb as the sheer volume of things to learn is very overwhelming, but I know I have found what fulfils me and what I want as a lifelong career. This scholarship would allow me education from a company empowering women, focused on sustainability and from experts in the field wanting others to succeed - of course I want to be a part of that!''

Nikki Brooks

''The course's focus on empowering female mixologists resonates deeply with me, and I am excited about the prospect of broadening my horizons within a supportive community of like-minded professionals. Moreover, this scholarship is not just about improving my current skills; it is an investment in my future prospects. I am committed to making a lasting difference in the mixology landscape, and the Double Dutch Scholarship offers a structured path for me to achieve that goal.''

Hannah Staples

''I really love how the hospitality industry brings together people from all over the world, creating this mix of cultures and experiences. It's what makes every day unique and exciting.''


''I love what I do, creating snappy drinks while giving a story about the alcohol or a fun fact. I love to experiment, and play with flavours, as well as prioritise customer experience. I think I can give back to the industry as well as be a part of it.''

Lucinda Whiteman

''The appreciation received when crafting an exceptional drink further reinforces my passion for this profession. It's the genuine connections and the ability to positively impact someone's experience that continue to motivate me in pursuing a career in hospitality.''

Guneev Sachdeva

''What I absolutely love about the hospitality industry is how it quickly adapts to change and is open to change for the better of its guests and employees. Love about how i wake up every morning knowing that i am going to make someones day happier. Love when guests choose to celebrate special occasions with you. I feel a higher sense of responsibility to make their day memorable.''

Jasmine Yorke

''At the moment I find that hospitality is a very male-dominated industry. Although this is improving I have often found that it can be hard to find your voice or be taken seriously in discussions either at work or tasting or across the bar scene in general. I think that programs like this that are geared towards giving women specialised knowledge and the foundations to take their career further are definitely a big stepping stone in the right direction.''

Megan Sargent-Brown

''I want to be the female who stands out and shows anything is possible to any gender in the industry. I want to be the woman who is shown as an example, a motivation to any female out there who has or is experiencing similar issues I have had to overcome being in the industry.''

Nepheli Akrivopoulou

''I am not afraid to be heard and I feel we need more women at the forefront of the industry vocalising our talents but also shining a very real light on our daily struggles and how our colleagues can help us improve this environment and challenge the industry!''

Millicent Clare Melanaphy

''The person I most admire is an ex-colleague and also a recent Double Dutch scholar. Madison Moore is one of the most inspiring people I have worked with and will always be a person I look to for inspiration, and is the first person to come to mind when I need advice or want to bounce a new idea off someone.''