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Blindtaste Test Gin Mixers

In the UK we buy over 55 million bottles of gin per year, so you need to know you have the best mixer!


We took part in a blind taste test with The Independent! The results…Double Dutch came joint first and we had some amazing comments! Leon Dalloway founder of Gin Journey and all round G&T expert said…

Without gin:

“It’s quite low carbonation, it’s quite relaxed, it’s not over the top,” said Dalloway. “The sugars taste natural and the citric content is soft as well. I think that’s going to go really well with a big London Dry.”

With gin:

“It’s improved immeasurably, it’s working as a full drink now. It’s delicious, I would drink that,” he added. In fact it’s almost too sweet by itself.

Score out of 10: Nine

To Watch the video and read more about who we were up against click. Or check out our go to mixers here.