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Our Festive Drinks Trolley Essentials

The holiday season is upon us and that means it’s time to break out the festive drinks trolley! No Christmas party is complete without a well-stocked bar, and we’ve got the essentials you need to make your festive Double Dutch cocktails the life of the party.

Check out our essentials below or head to our recipe page to skip the planning and get stuck in!


First, let’s talk spirits.

  1. Blood Orange Gin. This zesty gin is bursting with flavour and is sure to be a hit with your guests. We’ve mixed this with our fiery Ginger Beer for an extra kick.

  2. London Dry Gin. A classic choice for any drinks trolley, this versatile gin is perfect for mixing up a range of cocktails, or for something more simple, like our classic Twin & Tonic made with our award winning Indian Tonic.

  3. Limoncello. Add a splash of Italian sunshine to your trolley with this super refreshing lemon liqueur. Turn your party up a notch with our Cucumber & Watermelon mixer in our Limoncherry recipe.

  4. Tequila. No drinks trolley is complete without a bottle of tequila - perfect for Palomas and other festive cocktails. We love to sip this with our Pomegranate & Basil mixer or Pink Grapefruit Soda.

  5. Coffee Liqueur. The perfect after-dinner treat! We love an espresso martini or two but our latest combination is sure to become a fan favourite amongst your guests! Mixed with a splash of tequila and our Pink Grapefruit Soda you have to try our Paloma Negra.

  6. Irish Whiskey. Warm up with a glass of smooth Irish Whiskey - perfect on it’s own or mixed with our Ginger Ale in our Irish Spice cocktail.


No drinks trolley is complete without the essential bartending tools!

We’ve kept our equipment light this year so you can focus on the fun!
Simple yet flavourful, our Christmas cocktails are super easy to make whilst you're busy hosting, with just a few tools to help you along the way.


  1. Spirits jigger: with this crafty tool you’ll be able to measure out your ingredients with ease - avoiding any disasters as you’ve poured half your tequila into the glass!

  2. Bar spoon: we like to give our drinks a mix before serving so you’re guests get the full flavour with every sip!

  3. Bar blade: we’ve brightened up this essential home bar tool with our Double Dutch Bar Blade.

  4. Ice bucket: if you're churning out cocktails for your friends and family then an ice bucket should be high up your list! No one wants a room temp cocktail after all. 

  5. Cocktail skewers: we are firm believers that anything looks better on a beautiful cocktail stick - and that’s definitely the case with one or two of our festive winter cocktails! Whether you’re garnishing your drink with maraschino cherries or a cucumber ribbon, a festive cocktail skewer will give it that extra sparkle.