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Planning your Dry January with Double Dutch

It's that time of year again, whether it's your New Years resolution, you feel like a challenge, or you just want to change things up - it's time to drink dry!

But if you're having trouble thinking of tasty alternatives and exciting concoctions to replace your usual serves then we're here to tell you to relax! Because we've got you covered once again.

Fancy a delicious mocktail or a refreshing solo serve to sip on cold January evenings by yourself or with family and friends? Then try some of these flavourful and alcohol-free mocktails...

Dry January Mocktails


AGUA FRESCADouble Dutch Cucumber & Watermelon Tonic to top, 35ml guava juice,garnished with frozen watermelon balls.


MIX & MATCHDouble Dutch Cucumber & Watermelon to top, 1 tsp matcha powder, 35ml whitegrape juice, garnished with a fig quarter.


RASPBERRY REPAIREDDouble Dutch Cranberry & Ginger or Pomegranate & Basil Tonic to top,with muddled raspberries, 1/2 tsp honey and a squeeze of fresh lime juice.


FRUITY TONICDouble Dutch Cranberry & Ginger Tonic to top, with a squeeze of fresh lime juice, 35ml apple juice, garnished with fresh cranberries.

All of these recipes can be found on our recipes page for more detail, as well as on our Instagram reels where you'll see us sisters having a super time recreating each mocktail over January - we welcome you to follow along too!

If you need more inspiration then don't forget to head over to Club Soda's Alcohol-Free Off-license before the end of January to stock up on Double Dutch flavours, delicious no-alcohol Spirits, and get further advice. Take a look here.

Remember, drinking dry doesn't mean drinking dull!