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Our favourite halloween themed cocktails

We can’t be alone in looking forward to the creepy cocktail celebration! Our only regret is that it doesn’t last longer. Wouldn’t it be great to have a 12 Days of Halloween like the 12 Days of Christmas? With a spooky cocktail for every day? Sadly, that isn’t how it works and perhaps one of the great pleasures of Halloween is that it’s an intense, short-lived experience. 

We love it all: the costumes, the eerie make-up, the truly terrible music, pumpkin carving and of course the trick or treating. We can’t forget about the  frankly unearthly experience of discovering what our colleagues and friends consider to be this year’s most significant scary film. Votes are divided between Nope and Smile in the Double Dutch office … which is your favourite?

Because everybody has to cram their Halloween excitement into just a couple of days we had to do something special. We’ve turned the Double Dutch research team into a bunch of spooky lab rats. They delved into the cobwebby corners of experimental mixology. They’ve come up with a series of drinks that are guaranteed to add a little mystery to All Hallows’ Eve. We’re excited to be sharing the results of their dark encounters with you. Be afraid… but also be flavourful with our 4 halloween inspired cocktails to show off at your next halloween party!

Our Top 4 Halloween Cocktails

Let’s kick off our halloween drinks with...


Let’s begin with a Halloween horror story. Our Frankenstein cocktail draws on the original goth horror fest. Like Mary Shelley’s tale, it combines an icy exterior with a warm heart. In our case, the mellow core of this cocktail is the sophisticated blend of Cranberry & Ginger. This combination elevates this drink to instant classic status.

Frankenstein Halloween Cocktail


25ml white rum

Squeeze of lime

10ml cherry syrup

Double Dutch Cranberry & Ginger


Fill a tumbler with ice, pour in the white rum and add a squeeze of fresh lime juice. Top up with Double Dutch Cranberry & Ginger to give a balance of sharp and spice to enliven the drink. Then slide the cherry syrup slowly over the ice to give a fresh blood red stain effect. Garnish with two lychees that you’ve steeped in cherry syrup.hen stuff with blueberries or blackberries and threaded onto a skewer to look like bloody eyeballs. 

Pumpkin Up

Doing some #drydating for Halloween? Don’t worry, we have a great non-alcoholic mixed drink guaranteed to deliver a swoon, rather than a shiver. It’s definitely cool looking and tastes like autumn in a glass. 

Pumpkin Halloween Cocktail


50 ml non-alcoholic vodka

10ml lemon juice

15ml pumpkin syrup

Double Dutch Indian Tonic Water


Pour the non-alcoholic vodka and lemon juice over ice, mix in the pumpkin syrup and fill with Double Dutch Indian Tonic Water. We can’t choose between two ways to garnish the Pumpkin Up. The cute way is a layer of whipped cream topped with two cacao nibs or mini dark chocolate buttons to look like eyes. However, the sophisticated approach is to carve a pumpkin silhouette out of orange peel.impale it on a cocktail stick resting across the glass. Either way, this mocktail is guaranteed to be a delicious descent into sensational drinking.

Devil’s Wish

Ready to make a pact with the Devil? If so, we’ve got a taste combination that is bound to entice your taste buds.

Devil's Wish Cocktail


25 ml gin

25 ml Campari

20ml clear apple juice

Double Dutch Pomegranate & Basil

Stir the ingredients together in a cocktail glass. For a devilish garnish, cut two small red chilies to make horns and prop them each side of the rim. Then grind some black pepper over the top of the glass.

La Muerte

If you prefer The Day of the Dead over Halloween, we also have a cocktail for you. It’s perfect for the festival that is a celebration of love and respect for the deceased. Recognising the Mexican origins of Día de los Muertos, we’ve used tequila as the base for a fruity cocktail. The cocktail  honours the explosion of colour and flavour that is the Day of the Dead.

La Muerte Cocktail


25ml tequila

15ml blackberry liqueur or syrup

Double Dutch Cucumber & Watermelon


Use a cocktail shaker to shake the tequila and blackberry liqueur or syrup together over ice and pour into a tall glass. Top with Cucumber and Watermelon for a fresh flavour. Garnish either with blackberries and strawberries alternating along a skewer or string brightly coloured liquorice sweets on a cocktail stick. Finish with a stripy straw in the traditional Día de los Muertos colours of red, black and white.

Want More?

If you want some less frightening cocktails, maybe a mojito over a witches brew view our recipes page. To find any of the Double Dutch mixers mentioned in this spooky blog view our mixers shop page.