We took part in a blind taste test...

In the UK we buy over 55 million bottles of gin per year, so you need to know you have the best mixer!

We took part in a blind taste test with The Independent! The results…Double Dutch came joint first and we had some amazing comments! Leon Dalloway founder of Gin Journey and all round G&T expert said…

Without gin: “It’s quite low carbonation, it’s quite relaxed, it’s not over the top,” said Dalloway. “The sugars taste natural and the citric content is soft as well. I think that’s going to go really well with a big London Dry.”

With gin: “It’s improved immeasurably, it’s working as a full drink now. It’s delicious, I would drink that,” he added. In fact it’s almost too sweet by itself.

Score out of 10: Nine

To Watch the video and read more about who we were up against click here