Double Dutch Rhubarb & Pineneedle

Our Rhubarb & Pineneedle has been said to “capture the tastes and smells of the festive season in a bottle”

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Rhubarb & Pineneedle contains 42 calories per 200ml and is free from preservatives and artificial ingredients.

The expression is made using locally sourced organic rhubarb and pine needles, resulting in an “herbaceous and citrus flavour profile”

Like the rest of the range, the new flavour is made using the process of molecular gastronomy. Rhubarb & Pineneedle is recommended served with citrus and lighter spirits.

“Winter drinks are rich and satisfying and we went through many taste tests to develop a seasonal mixer that embraces the spirit of Christmas,” said Double Dutch co-founder Raissa de Haas.

Our second limited edition flavour of Rhubarb & Pineneedle reflects our commitment to continuously introduce uniquely flavoured mixers of superlative quality to the market, and has been developed to be enjoyed with a range of spirits as well as alone.”

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